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We serve our community through meaningful arts and cultural activities

Our Mission

For differently abled adults in Montgomery and surrounding counties, Many Colors Arts Collective is a place to lose themselves in the joy and exploration of the arts and to find themselves in the loving company of friends and mentors.

Our Vision

To create a joy-filled community of regularly and differently-abled artists in a safe and beautiful environment.

Many Colors provides abundant opportunities to create art in a wide variety of media. Our cognitive and neurosensory-divergent artists receive tools, support and encouragement from mentors and volunteer friends.  Goals include developing  life and work skills that increase the artists’ sense of self-worth.  Our artists will also have the opportunity to offer their artwork for sale, with the majority of the proceeds going to the creator.

For families with differently-abled adults who cannot function independently, Many Colors offers them the reassurance that their loved one is engaged in meaningful activity in a supportive community.

Our Gratitude

The Many Colors Arts Collective came into being thanks to the vision and generosity of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter. Holy Comforter continues to support us financially and by allowing us to operate in its facilities

A Safe Place

For Creative Expression for Adults with Special Needs

We provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with special needs to explore their creative talents. Many individuals with disabilities face significant barriers to participation in the arts, including inaccessible venues and a lack of appropriate resources.

Creating Community

Through Opportunity to Engage in the Creative Process

The arts and cultural activities unify people. They reach across real and imaginary dividing lines, creating a shared experience for all of humanity. Personal interpretations are shared & relationships are forged.

Wondrous Benefits

That bring meaning, purpose and fulfillment to people

Studies have shown that arts programs reduce stress and improve the mental health of participants. Additionally, participants find intention, direction and belonging through strokes of color, rhythm and movement, and other forms of creative expression.

Join our mission of inclusive outreach

Demonstrate your commitment to all members of our community.

Become an Artist's Friend

In this role, you help them create, you form warm, ongoing relationships with them, and help Mentors offer a wide range of arts projects and activities at Many Colors. You will receive training to equip you to serve adults who need extra support because of cognitive or neurosensory special needs.

Be an Artist's Mentor

If you are actively engaged and accomplished in an artistic endeavor, spend time with our Artists demonstrating, coaching, and encouraging them to work creatively in the medium you care passionately about.  You, too, will receive training to equip you to serve adults who need extra support because of cognitive or neurosensory special needs.

Photo Gallery

We recently enjoyed our first activities as an organization!

Please enjoy the photos below.

Why the arts?

Engagement in the arts opens space for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to become a community that transcends limitations and differences.

In a world where labels too easily isolate and push people who are differently abled, to the margins of community life, an arts program like Many Colors is a great equalizer. Art expressions of all kinds foster beauty and wonder. With opportunities for collaboration, celebration of each others’ gifts and talents, and enjoyment of the artistic endeavor, what makes us different or pushes us apart becomes next to insignificant. The arts let us see, touch, taste, feel and hear our shared humanity.

Engagement in the arts provides a creative outlet for individuals with disabilities.

This can be particularly important for individuals who may have difficulty with verbal communication, as the arts provide an alternative means of expression. For example, art therapy has been shown to be effective in improving emotional and behavioral issues in individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Similarly, music therapy has been found to improve social communication and emotional regulation in individuals with Down syndrome.

Arts participation provides socialization and community involvement opportunities.

Many arts programs for individuals with special needs are designed to be inclusive and accessible, allowing participants to engage with others who share their interests and experiences. For example, theater programs that are specifically designed for individuals with disabilities can provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their creative talents while also building social skills and self-confidence.

Engagement in the arts can also provide therapeutic benefits, such as stress reduction and improved mental health.

For example, dance therapy has been shown to improve balance and coordination in individuals with cerebral palsy, while also reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem. Similarly, visual arts therapy has been found to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.

About Our Program

We are a dedicated group of people who are determined to serve those with disabilities with joy and love.

Many Colors Arts Collective is a day program during the work week where adults with a variety of disabilities and diagnoses such as intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, and spina bifida will engage in meaning-filled activities: creating art, building bonds of friendship, and learning and practicing life and work skills. They will also have the opportunity to offer their artwork for sale.

Andrew Gidiere
President of the Board

Dr. William Milledge
Member at Large

Garrett Bamman
Lead, Finance

Hannah Williams
Lead, Development

Kathy Albree
Lead Artist Mentor

Laura Brendle

Melanie Kelley
Lead Program Developer

Rand Neeley

Rosa Lindahl
Acting Executive Director

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